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visa information

To obtain a visa or a work permit for Denmark, the following steps apply: 



NEW MANDATORY ONLINE APPLICATION WHEN APPLYING FOR A SHORT TERM VISA TO DENMARK: All applicants who require a visa to Denmark must fill in their visa application and pay the visa fee online using ApplyVisa.um.dk. Please see more information on the MFA homepage about how to apply for a visa.

Once you have applied and paid online, you must go to the Danish embassy to hand in your documents and supply your biometrics. Please book an appointment here


1. Check your eligibility, applicable procedures and the documentation that you have to provide:

Asylum | Au pairs | EU and Nordic citizens | Family Reunification | Family reunification under EU law | Interns | Studies | Visa | Work |



The MFA is introducing mandatory online payment of the embassy fee for residence and work permits. Applicants should pay the fee using this link: https://dys.um.dk/permit/ before they appear at the Danish embassy to obtain biometrics. Please print a receipt from the online payment and book an appointment here.

You or a third party can submit the application by mail on your behalf.

Please note: your biometric data (photo, fingerprints, signature) must be recorded no later than 14 days after the application is submitted. To do this, you must come to the Embassy of Denmark, bringing a printout of the confirmation of submitted application. The immigration authorities will only start processing the application when biometric data has been obtained. 


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2. Check the application fee

Visa application fees (as of 1 january 2020):
Visa: 80 EUR (paid online)
Residence/work permit: 195 EUR (paid online)


3. When you and your documentation etc. is ready, book an appointment with the Visa Section

How to book an appointment online
Go to the Book an appointment link below, click sign-in at the next screen (top right hand corner) and create an account (free of charge) by providing the following information:

  • your valid e-mail address (=user name)
  • a password (of your choice)
  • your name
  • your phone number 

In the message field you must indicate the type of visa you are applying for, e.g. Green Card or Au pair.

Click here to book an appointment

After your booking you will receive an e-mail confirmation.


4. Come to the Embassy at the appointed hour 

Embassy of Denmark, Olav Kyrres gate 7, 0273 Oslo  

See map

Do not forget to bring your passport and all required documents. Double-sided copies are not accepted.

Your application and data will be forwarded to the Danish Immigration Service/Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment, who will process your case. The Embassy will contact you when a decision has been made.


5. While your case is pending

You or your family or other persons, including your reference in Denmark, should never contact the Embassy to inquire about the status of your pending case, unless you have further information to provide. The Embassy will contact you if we need further information or when we have received the decision regarding your application by the Danish Immigration Service/Danish Agency for Labour Retention and International Recruitment.  


New rules regarding storage of biometric features
Following a change in the Danish Aliens’ Act entering into force 1 July 2017, new rules regarding recording, registration and storage of aliens' fingerprints and photographs in relation to identification and identity control will be introduced. According to the amending act, an alien's fingerprints and photograph (biometric features) will be stored for a longer period in a central register in Denmark managed by the Ministry of Immigration and Integration, the Danish Immigration Service and the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration for the purpose of identification and identity control. Please read more on the Information Sheet Storage of applicants biometric data.